Welcome to the demo blog for the ADVICE training. On this website you will find demonstration pages that mimic what would be used for an actual training course.

The site is set up so that each “Session” of the training has its own section on the website (labeled Session 1, 2, 3 in the blue menu bar). 
For each section, there are three pages:

  1. The Overview Page  lists the objectives of the session, the outline/agenda for the live webinar session. On these demo pages, we’ve included an embedded example video from a webinar run in the Adobe Connect system that we’ll be using for the sessions.
  2. The Assignment Page  details the homework that students are assigned, and includes links to relevant tutorials, videos, etc., that they need to complete the assignment.
  3. A page where Completed Homework will appear once students have posted it. We have created some completed assignments for two demonstration students.

The last section of the site, Posts by Individuals, contains completed student homework arranged by student (rather than by Session). This can act as a “portfolio” of student work when the training is completed.

Use the blue menu bar to navigate the site, or use the following site map to explore the content.

Session 1 

Session 2 

Session 3

Posts by Individuals